#Digital Contributor

These are typically open-source software projects to which I contribute.

Gollum with Omnigollum

I installed a Gollum server with an improved OmniGollum plugin with a design for acces to web folders as an extranet for clients. Here is the code I contributed to OmniGollum Here is the guide I followed I documented the whole thing here Update, I just pointed the content of gatsby.mann.fr to the gollum.mann.fr . That means that I can edit through the web a staging version of my new website…


ghost-to-md Ghost-to-md is an opensource program to which I have made significant contributions. I assume my contributions are on https://www.github.com/chris2fr/ghost-to-md . This was part of my effort to transition from Ghost to Gatsby.

Profile Studio

Profile Studio for CV or Resume Edition This is a bit of client-based web software used to create CVs with the resume.json technology. I installed it on cv.mann.fr . It is available on GitHub. It allows for end-users to manage content of CVs. https://github.com/chris2fr/profile-studio

Original Software Development

Computer programming, notably in the web with : Knowledge of C, C#, Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, HTML, Javascript, Objectif C languages ; RoR, Plone, Zend, JEE, ESB Mule, Pyramid, Glassfish frameworks; XML, SQL, LDAP, hibernate datastructures. Familiarity of web, workflow, GED, SOA, EDI, e-commerce, mobile, ERP, CRM projects. Below are Open-Source projects from Chris Mann. Most of the software is…

A Template for a Paper Agenda Planner

I was told I needed a paper agenda to manage my time with Adult ADHD. Therefore, I spent 11 hours trying to find what would work for me. After trying many different things, I settled on the attached Excel file. The instructions are on the sheet labeled “instructions.” The pages need to be printed in a certain way such that the recto-verso works. agenda_template