#Digital Contributor

These are typically open-source software projects to which I contribute.

Hybrid presence and video meetings

The goal of hybrid meetings in presence and video is to make sure that when two people are in the room together, it disturbs everyone. We deploy everything necessary to make this a reality, so that the synchronous notion of the meeting is felt as much by the people in presence as by the people in video. To do this, we focus on four flows and three imperatives. The four streams are: audio input…


ResDigita.com is about sharing resources in a rational and trusted manner. Other articles related to ResDigita are: Shared Digital Resources Cloud Sharing Needs You! LesGrandsVoisins.fr/.com The Making of a Maker's Space at la Ressourcerie la Mine Video Conferencing Indirect references include: Digital Inclusion Computer Lab & Drive Self-Contained Amazon Echo Show Mini-Video-Conference Device…

Gollum with Omnigollum

I installed a Gollum server with an improved OmniGollum plugin with a design for acces to web folders as an extranet for clients. Here is the code I contributed to OmniGollum Here is the guide I followed I documented the whole thing here Update, I just pointed the content of gatsby.mann.fr to the gollum.mann.fr . That means that I can edit through the web a staging version of my new website…


ghost-to-md Ghost-to-md is an opensource program to which I have made significant contributions. I assume my contributions are on https://www.github.com/chris2fr/ghost-to-md . This was part of my effort to transition from Ghost to Gatsby.

Profile Studio

Profile Studio for CV or Resume Edition This is a bit of client-based web software used to create CVs with the resume.json technology. I installed it on cv.mann.fr . It is available on GitHub. It allows for end-users to manage content of CVs. https://github.com/chris2fr/profile-studio

Original Software Development

Computer programming, notably in the web with : Knowledge of C, C#, Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, HTML, Javascript, Objectif C languages ; RoR, Plone, Zend, JEE, ESB Mule, Pyramid, Glassfish frameworks; XML, SQL, LDAP, hibernate datastructures. Familiarity of web, workflow, GED, SOA, EDI, e-commerce, mobile, ERP, CRM projects. Below are Open-Source projects from Chris Mann. Most of the software is…

A Template for a Paper Agenda Planner

I was told I needed a paper agenda to manage my time with Adult ADHD. Therefore, I spent 11 hours trying to find what would work for me. After trying many different things, I settled on the attached Excel file. The instructions are on the sheet labeled “instructions.” The pages need to be printed in a certain way such that the recto-verso works. agenda_template