Here is a video on the different kinds of dogs that can have some alone time in an apartment. The video is also useful because it brings thoughts on which breeds to consider for the apartment. The description to the video is a nice recap. The breeds cited are TerrierContinue Reading


When is ADHD not ADHD (or not as ADHD as it seems)? Perhaps when it is OSA: Obstructive Sleep Apnea. A quick internet search seems to confirm what I heard left and right; sleep apnea symptoms can be mistaken for ADHD symptoms. A sleep polysomnography was part of my ownContinue Reading

December 9, 2017 Dear visitor, Should one pull all the stops or rely on and proven technologies? What balance should one seek between formal and informal in digital innovation? How much should a team document? These are just some of the questions every business asks in the realm of internet andContinue Reading