Chris Mann Vivre FM

I was interviewed for over 40 minutes over the radio (Vivre FM, 93.9 in Paris) from 9 AM to 10 AM on September 20th. You can play the interview, read a resume (in French) or download the interview at the below link. Carole Clémence is a great interviewer. TheContinue Reading

The Mann Planner

I was told I needed a paper agenda to manage my time with Adult ADHD. Therefore, I spent 11 hours trying to find what would work for me. After trying many different things, I settled on the attached Excel file. The instructions are on the sheet labeled “instructions.” The pagesContinue Reading


This is a selection of my favorite videos by Jessica McCabe, her research on Adult ADHD and her own first-hand experience. Jessica McCabe’s TEDx Talk “Failing at Normal” Here is a link to the 17-minute TEDx talk by Jessica McCabe on her life with Adult ADHD. It is moving. HowContinue Reading