1. Call Me

Here is my phone number:
+33 781 811 811

2. Initiate Chat

There is a little blue chat icon on the bottom right. Click it and we can exchange text information instantly. This will be useful, notably to copy and paste.

3. Share Screen

Sharing a desktop allows me to see what you see on your screen. It also can allow me to control your mouse and keyboard in order to show you things. I do this with personal respect for your computer and your information.

Google Remote Desktop

Google Remote Desktop seems to show robustness.
Click on the down-pointing arrow next to “Get Support” and follow the directions. Support in this context means that I am providing assistance to you.

Zoom Conferencing with Screen Share and Remote Control

It is possible to meet in my Zoom Room. When in the conference, choose “share screen” and then I will request remote control. You click “authorize” or something to that effect. Here is my personal Zoom conference room:
(room 650 763 3257)

Windows Quick Assist

These solutions assume that I am sing my Windows 10 PC. We can use the internal tools built into Window for remote assistance.

If you use Windows 10

In Windows 10, from a Windows 10 computer, one may use “Quick Assist.” Here are instructions for that:

If you use a Windows Earlier than Windows 10

In Windows prior to Windows 10, the utility to use, from a Windows host providing assistance, is Windows Remote Assistance. Indications on this subject are below.

Here is how you may determine which Windows you have.

Other Screen Control Solutions

Zoho Assist is another option.