When is ADHD not ADHD (or not as ADHD as it seems)? Perhaps when it is OSA: Obstructive Sleep Apnea. A quick internet search seems to confirm what I heard left and right; sleep apnea symptoms can be mistaken for ADHD symptoms. A sleep polysomnography was part of my ownContinue Reading

Small Work Group

UU Small Group Ministry is a structure where a group of individuals can be there for one another in a structured lay-led discussion group. I was taught the structure with the topic on “listening.” The file for that particular topic is available via the link below. The usefulness ofContinue Reading

The HowTo ADHD videos on the Top 5 Relationship Rules recommends this book. Why don’t we understand one another? This book takes the perspective of a marriage counselor who tries to teach couples how to speak each other’s language. I have heard the audiobook of the first two love languages:Continue Reading


I know two influential ADHD Unitarian Universalist ministers. One wears his ADHD on his sleeve. The other has other things to worry about. Here is the quote that convinced me that Unitarianism is an interesting thing. This contribution from Emerson led to his expulsion as a UU minister. Ironic thatContinue Reading

The Mann Planner

I was told I needed a paper agenda to manage my time with Adult ADHD. Therefore, I spent 11 hours trying to find what would work for me. After trying many different things, I settled on the attached Excel file. The instructions are on the sheet labeled “instructions.” The pagesContinue Reading


This is a selection of my favorite videos by Jessica McCabe, her research on Adult ADHD and her own first-hand experience. Jessica McCabe’s TEDx Talk “Failing at Normal” Here is a link to the 17-minute TEDx talk by Jessica McCabe on her life with Adult ADHD. It is moving. HowContinue Reading

Adult ADHD with an inattentive predominance is a major overlap with being distractive. This website prefers terms that are accessible to the general public, rather than terms that are only understandable to trained psychologists. However, some of us are also diagnosed with ADHD, and it is useful to understand whatContinue Reading

So to participate, they should complete the free test at, and send me their results. Make sure to send me the PERCENTAGES, and not just the profile description (many people miss that). The best ways to do that is to 1) email the results to themselves first, and then forwardContinue Reading

Paris, January 23, 2019 Dear readers, This website deals with distractibility. We deal heavily also with adult ADHD, a developmental condition that implies lessened attention regulation. The wish is for a non-professional support group. “Distractive” wasn’t really a human quality at the time of the writing of this website, atContinue Reading

December 9, 2017 Dear visitor, Should one pull all the stops or rely on and proven technologies? What balance should one seek between formal and informal in digital innovation? How much should a team document? These are just some of the questions every business asks in the realm of internet andContinue Reading