• Cloud Sharing Needs You!
    Files disappear! The solution? The Cloud. Cloud services save all your files in real-time ! And your computer and your cloud are always synchronised ! . Never again will your files be lost. Cloud services are not free. But hey can be cheaper : we at Mann.fr propose that we buy theseContinue Reading
  • Feature Film “Les Grands Voisins” – Monday April 20 @ 8:15 PM
    We will be watching the feature film on our Zoom together on Monday April 20 @20:15. Contact me for more information. The movie is described here: https://mann.fr/go/2020-04-20-20h15 FILM COUP DE COEUR TÉLÉRAMA SORTIR“le cinéaste a cherché la distance juste : ni neutralité distante, ni voyeurisme.” L’HUMANITÉ“De beaux portraits émouvants, drôles,Continue Reading
  • Interview on My Life with Adult ADHD (in French)
    Adult ADHD is a cognitive disorder. I have it. It affects about 5% of the adult population to varying degrees. It has to do with executive functioning. It has three classifications: hyperactive, distractive and both. It has three consequences: inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity. It is a developmental disorder in theContinue Reading
  • WordPress Workshop Assignment 1
    This is an introduction to WordPress. In this exercise, you will have a WordPress account. You will use the account to create your own test blog. You will read and find content from other WordPress blogs. You will create a blog article yourself about your experience discovering WordPress. Step 1,Continue Reading
  • Attestation sur l’honneur on Joys of the French Administration (or any Administration)
    Can the “Attestation sur l’honneur” save an incomplete dossier? Administrative deadlines suck. There will be some nomninative documents attached to this post for convenience. Here is the most impressive form I have seen, the CERFA-1175202. Here is some links I found doing research on the subject of Attestation sur l’honneur.https://www.aide-sociale.fr/declaration-sur-l-honneur/https://www.linternaute.fr/actualite/guide-vie-quotidienne/1413760-attestation-sur-l-honneur-lettre-type/Continue Reading
  • A Template for a Paper Agenda Planner
    I was told I needed a paper agenda to manage my time with Adult ADHD. Therefore, I spent 11 hours trying to find what would work for me. After trying many different things, I settled on the attached Excel file. The instructions are on the sheet labeled “instructions.” The pagesContinue Reading

Service solutions for marginalized persons include :

It is tough to lose one’s password or keep files without dedicated computers.

If able, you may benefit from a Cyber Confidence-Building session.