I, Chris Mann, have been writing Free Software ever since the last century and like to do so whenever possible, including for my clients. Most of the software is visible on Github or Sourceforge.


E-Delib is an open-source server for Town Ordonnances all over the world. It was first put in place in Lorient in 1999 and had the effect of changing the way the civil servants view the executive council of the township. It allowed the whole town to better understand the decision process within the township.


Pyraxe was a through-the-web XHTML editor where the content was held in a filesystem of HTML pages. It uses Pyramid written in Python.


XSpyDer is an open-source motor writtten in Python for consuming XSD definitions of forms and cross-referenced information and transforms it into a various things such as PHP forms, documentation and other things. It was used to consume specificaitons for 28 RFP forms from the JOUE and BOAMP, some spanning 14 screens, with 50,000 individual informations and cross-refernces.


A dynamic task software like Workflowy with links for desegregation.


There are also other Free Software projects.