This is a backlog of improvements to Mann.FR, this website. For a list of comments per page, please consult this index.

Make Contact For Send Email

The contact form doesn’t quite yet send email.

Start Newsletter

A newsletter subscription is a great way to render prospects loyal.

Update French Site

The French Website is out-of-date, way out-of-date.

Improve Story Telling

Go through the you pages to show it as a story.
Update 2020-04-28, I think it is looking better.

Video Presentations

There was an old video presentation visible on the French site. This needs redoing.

Consider the Place of the Blog

There is a lot of content. Perhaps some of it can be put into blog articles. Also consider aligning the categories of the website with the blog.
Update 2020-04-28: I think the blog on the home page was the way to go.

Add Audio Interviews

I have some audio that is good content.

Add Video Interviews

I have a few video interviews that are good content.

Alternative Copy to Consider

Below are ides for copy that are not published, but may merit publishing.

Respository of Cut Copy

Cut Copy, that may serve for future inspiration is in the Draft Ideas and Copy section. Many of the pages are probably in draft status, so we would consult them through the back office.

Alternative Services Presentation

Reinforce your Digital Work with your Human Value!

Mann & Co. offers the following services:

Digital Project ManagementProgrammingSystem Administration
Digital Organizational ConsultingProject Support
on Steroids
Capacity Advocacy
Digital Well-BeingEnglish Identity CoachingPhotography
Digital InclusionDigital WorkshopsComputer Rooms

Chris Mann – 7 81 811 811

Stuff in Place

Rejected Backlog Items

Comic Sales Pitch

The idea is to set up a situation or situations in a comic fashion on the front page. First Panel: Someone totally overwhelmed by a situation. Second Panel: demonstrating the real problems of that situation, the horrible effects that could happen (maybe thought bubbles of the impending death and doom). Third Panel: Person on the floor, saying “oh, mann!”. Fourth panel: MANN.FR flying in to save the day.

Michael Muszlak initially though about his friend Christian who had trouble with using his own personal computer, but such circumstances could be in the areas of:

  • Projects at a stand-still
  • Psycho-social risk
  • Misunderstandings between IT and Business
  • etc.