Files disappear! The solution? The Cloud. Cloud services save all your files in real-time ! And your computer and your cloud are always synchronised ! . Never again will your files be lost. Cloud services are not free. But hey can be cheaper : we at propose that we buy theseContinue Reading

We will be watching the feature film on our Zoom together on Monday April 20 @20:15. Contact me for more information. The movie is described here: FILM COUP DE COEUR TÉLÉRAMA SORTIR“le cinéaste a cherché la distance juste : ni neutralité distante, ni voyeurisme.” L’HUMANITÉ“De beaux portraits émouvants, drôles,Continue Reading

Group with one Computer

The computer drive has three components: collect process distribute In the collect phase, we can offer three options: donors drop off their PCs and we erase them we can pick up the PCs from the donors and process the erasing in front of them we can give USB keys withContinue Reading

This website is based on a theme from WPHoot called “News Byte.” It was conceived on the free version of the theme, and then I upgraded to the paid version with a promo code. There are quite a few reasons why I would suggest this and probably other themes fromContinue Reading

Candles in Church

Karma It is my karma to observe and notice religious intolerance. Once a volunteer for the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Paris, I was at the greeting table. Unknown people came up to me. I explained that UU was about each finding their own spiritual path and that we were noContinue Reading

Contact Words

This is an introduction to WordPress. In this exercise, you will have a WordPress account. You will use the account to create your own test blog. You will read and find content from other WordPress blogs. You will create a blog article yourself about your experience discovering WordPress. Step 1,Continue Reading


Dear visitor, Should one pull all the stops or rely on proven technologies? What balance should one seek between formal and informal in digital innovation? How much should a team document their work? These are just some of the questions every business asks in the realm of internet and mobile planning.Continue Reading

I co-founded 4th Eye Photo Studio with three colleagues. This collaboration where we share the rent will end of July 31 of this year. Jeremie and then Marine found life loves far from Paris. Davide never really used the studio. My goal was to continue what we started, to findContinue Reading