Chris Dear visitor,

Should one pull all the stops or rely on proven technologies? What balance should one seek between formal and informal in digital innovation? How much should a team document their work?

These are just some of the questions every business asks in the realm of internet and mobile planning. Here is what I propose: do what is right, and, if possible, what is elegant. The way you organize your digital work today will be visible in the result of that work. This is why MANN.FR offers consulting services in the realm of computers and in the digital organization.

There are multiple paths to well-being in digital organizations:

  • A common language and nomenclature based on the unitary level of unique engagements between departments, businesses, and all actors result in the just ability to adjust to external or information changes.
  • Stable measures from the top-down, the bottom-up and from all sides consolidated in stable, reliable and evolving processes allow for efficient choices with just the right level of administrative overhead and automatization.
  • Expertise in computer programming, systems, and network, and data management give the ability to appreciate elegant innovation.
  • Incorporation of full-information constraints in regulatory conformity, in usability and in technical maintainability allow for pertinent development through time and different applications.

I have had the joy of programming open-source software for capacity planning and for public-law systems. I have been personally engaged in Agile and PMP circles. I have had the pleasure of contributing to IT teams of all sizes in making fantastic progress.

It would be my honor to work with you for your constantly-improving digital future.

Technologically and Organizationally Yours,

Chris Mann +33 7 68 40 38 38

Chris Mann’s bio available here.