Les Grands Voisins Manifesto


Alternative manifesto edited by Chris

This manifesto, imperfect, conceived of the hopes, the sufferings and the incomprehension of those who instilled it. The Big Neighbors were born at Saint-Vincent-de-Paul Hospital in the 14th arrondissement in Paris, between Port Royale and the Catacombs. They come from flaws in the concrete and in public policies. They are open, inclusive, inclusive and at the service of everyone's welcome. They believe in bridges between utopia and reality.

Who are we?

We, like any good neighbor, do not always agree and defend:

Parity in governance, Collective resolution in good understanding, Free expression, Artistic exercise, · Lifelong learning, · The promotion of any form of work.

We call for places of social mix that allow the enhancement and sharing of the knowledge and know-how of each and every one. We call for places of social diversity that promote listening and the possibilities of meeting, conditions for the relaxation of the fear of the other. We call for places of social mix that fight against "self-esteem", isolation and the reduction of individuals to cases.

We need places and time to set a precedent, to be able to invent other forms of society in harmony with concentrates. We all have to give and to receive.

To the Big Neighbors, we live, work, sleep, eat, we care for, buy, cry, laugh, and all this in all languages. Inclusion and exclusion go hand in hand. The other is a chance.

Who am I?

I, Chris, resume with assistance a text proposed by William, director of the Great Neighbors. William himself worked on a text written by Cultures du cœur. The text of Cultures du cœur was the synthesis of two working sessions with about a hundred neighbors. This work has collective, composite and personal qualities. It uses words from others. Its content in its current form engages only its author.