Inclusion Policies and Offices

Inclusion as an organization-wide policy is intentional. I, Chris Mann, help you build that intention into your vers divers aspects of your organization.

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Economic and social responsibility (CSR) fights for digital inclusion through multiple means:

  • coordination with social workers to set up computer rooms and run computer workshops in reception and accommodation centers for marginalized people;
  • animation of a support group for small entrepreneurs in their advancement of the use of websites, and;
  • Solicitation of equipment from companies for equipment of computer rooms and equipment of people on the wrong side of the digital divide.

MANN.FR addresses the CSRs of large companies, associations and public actors for our work.

Psychosocial risks (RSP) wishes to participate in a delicate way on subjects that are sources of psychosocial risks.

Multidisciplinary projects

Any project is enriched by the warm invitation of multiple and complementary perspectives. For example, an IT project is enriched by IT specialists, but also business, customers, back-office operators, suppliers, subcontractors, management, etc. Multidisciplinarity is a strength!

Include yourself in your work

When you go to work, it is important not to leave a part of yourself at the door. By being whole, but appropriate, you can work more calmly and fluently.

Include others in your work

This is especially in an organizational consultancy job. It's about taking each contributor as he or she is. When we allow each participant to be fully included in the work, we fully enrich the strength of teams.