This website is based on a theme from WPHoot called “News Byte.” It was conceived on the free version of the theme, and then I upgraded to the paid version with a promo code. There are quite a few reasons why I would suggest this and probably other themes from WPHoot for your website.

The most important reason from my perspective is that this theme respects the natural constraints of WordPress. Whereas other themes I evaluated and used by friends of mine, such as Divi, are popular because they are very flexible, they also are very proprietary. This theme can be used, or unused. It is a WordPress theme done the way it should be. It is like the story of the butcher who always would cut in the sense of the fibers of the muscle and the ligaments. WPHoot goes naturally with the philosophy of WordPress.

There are many other reasons too.

  • respects the philosophy of WordPress (mentioned above)
  • really useful and completely free versions of themes
  • super-intelligent, sensitive, reactive and competent support
  • beautiful
  • functional
  • pro prices very affordable

I haven’t yet tried the child-theme architecture they propose, but assume that it is very developper-friendly. The use of LESS for styling excites me as well.

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