This is an introduction to WordPress. In this exercise, you will have a WordPress account. You will use the account to create your own test blog. You will read and find content from other WordPress blogs. You will create a blog article yourself about your experience discovering WordPress.

Step 1, Create a WordPress Account

Go to and create an account. I am not sure about the specifics about this, so someone can fill me in. I think I created my account when I created my first blog.

If you do create a blog/website as you create your account, be careful to choose only free options. There is no need to engage a budget for this exercise. There are also a lot of options to choose from in the creation of a website/blog. Most of them can be changed later, so don’t worry too much about which options you choose.

Step 2, Become a WordPress Consumer

In order to be read, one must first read. So the first assignment is to find other WordPress websites, other blogs, and follow them. When you are signed into WordPress there should be a way to follow other blogs.

As you search other blogs, note the way you search for them and what you found. Perhaps note the criteria that you used to find the other blogs. Write that down. With that material, you will start a WordPress blog post (an article) on your website.

Step 3, Produce Personal WordPress Content

In WordPress there is the option of creating a blog post whether you have created a blog or not. Just create a post, it can just be simple text, or you can use images and videos too. Just (b)log the effort about finding other blogs that you did in Step 2.

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