in this digital world

Reinforce your Digital Work with your Human Values!


primarily for SMEs and NGOs who use digital in order to

  • help align value-added with human values and
  • help make digital the ally of individuals rather than the master of the organizations.

Chris Mann – – +33 7 81 811 811

Get Digital Working!


Make Digital Efficient and You

MANN.FR helps clients program innovative digital products in software project design, specifications, architecture, configuration, and quality with extensive experience in defining specifications and articulating organizational and technical processes resulting in successful projects and launches.

MANN.FR designs and implements management methods and tools inspired by Agile and PMI principles for planning, budget, risks, and intelligence leading to increased reliability and predictable time-to-market.

Organizational evaluation and advice in:

  • Meeting facilitation and information sharing for project stakeholders
  • Solving of complex business, workflow, process, and conformance questions
  • Listening to team members and accompaniment of professional needs
  • Applying knowledge of finance, accounting, law, compliance, and intellectual property.

Applying Prince2 and PMI management, and Agile, CMMi, ITIL, Scrum certifications CSPO and Scrum Master.

Knowledge of C, C#, Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, HTML, Javascript, Objectif C languages ;
RoR, Plone, Zend, JEE, ESB Mule, Pyramid, Glassfish frameworks; XML, SQL, LDAP, hibernate datastructures.

Familiarity of web, workflow, GED, SOA, EDI, e-commerce, mobile, ERP, CRM projects.

Integrate Innovation and Inclusion!

Corporate Social Responsabilité (CSE)

MANN.FR works for digital inclusion through charitable applications of talents by:

  • coordinating with social workers to set up computer rooms and run computer workshops in temporary housing centers or similar spaces;
  • run groups of entrepreneurs in their efforts to have a personal digital strategy, and;
  • solicit computer equipment from large companies for redistribution to those on the wrong side of the digital divide. cooperates with CSE entities in large businesses, with non-profits and actors providing services to marginalized populations.

Bring Yourself!

Be fully yourself in your workplace. Accept fully others as they are as fully integrated around you. Have all your subordinates be fully integrated as themselves appropriately in teams. Pluridisciplinarity and diversity of talents and perspectives build robustness in your organization. This robustness will strengthen you necessarily.

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This website is based on a theme from WPHoot called “News Byte.” It was conceived on the free version of the theme, and then I upgraded to the paid version with a promo code. There are quite a few reasons why I would suggest this and probably other themes from

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